Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use your proxies for emailing?

You can use our proxies for webmail and there are no specific mailing limits. However, SMTP is blocked with our proxies.

  1.  Can't find your purpose on the availability checker tool?

Request for a custom quote at

  1.  Do you have money-back guarantee?

Yes, we give 7 days money-back guarantee.

  1.  Do you provide test proxies?

You can test the proxies for your purpose before purchasing them through the Availability Checker tool,

  1.  Forgot your control panel login details?

You can find it at your client area

  1.  Forgot your client area login details?

Ask assistance from support by submitting a ticket at

  1.  How do I request for cancellation?

For cancellation requests, please submit a ticket to support at, indicate your account details and reason for cancellation. 

  1.  How often do you refresh proxies?

You can request for new proxies once a month when renewal is paid. No automatic request. Please submit a ticket to support for request at

  1. Is it possible to get a username and password, instead of IP authorization? I have a dynamic IP and this may not work for me.

These proxies work only through IP authentication. The username/password option is not available. Maximum allowed IPs are 10 and you can update this anytime at your control panel.

  1.  My account was suspended, but I paid my invoice.

Your account could be suspended because your payment was late. Please contact support for reactivation and adjustment of your next due date at

  1.  What are your available locations? Can I choose a specific location?

We offer multiple locations worldwide. Should you need a specific location,  please submit a ticket to support at and request your preferred location. If the location is not available, we will advise you of the nearest one. 

  1.  What information is your browser sharing with websites?

Load a proxy on a browser and use our Browser Privacy Test tool to see the full list of headers sent


  1.  What is your connection limit?

There are no specific restrictions on how many simultaneous connections you can use. Though in practice, running a lot of threads can cause a natural degradation in performance. We suggest experimenting with the actual number of threads and find what suits you best.

  1.  What is your upgrade policy?

For an upgrade, a prorated refund will be issued for the unused days.
You will be charged for the remainder of the cycle on the new product.
No changes on the next due date. You can upgrade at any time.
Existing proxies can be retained. But if you like to get all fresh proxies, just contact support.

  1.  What payments do you accept?

We accept 2checkout, Paypal and Bitcoin payments.

  1.  When will I get my proxies?

Upon completion of payment, you will receive an email with your account details instantly. 

  1.  Where can I check and view my proxies?

You can view your proxies at the control panel,

  1.  Where can I check the network status?

You can view our network status at

  1. Where can I view my billing and account information?

You can view your billing and account information at the client area,

  1.  Why choose Instant Proxies?

We offer private and quality HTTP/HTTPs proxies at competitive prices along with a dynamic interface and quality responsive support that others do not have.

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