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How to troubleshoot proxy connectivity issues

Many different things can cause HTTP proxies to fail to work: client configuration, server configuration, firewalls, routers, network issues, etc. Please follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Ensure your current IP is authorized:
     How to authorize your IP

2. Test going to http://checkip.instantproxies.com/ manually in a browser:
     How to use proxies in Internet Explorer
     How to use proxies in Firefox
     How to use proxies in Chrome

3. Test different URLs to determine if the issue only occurs on a specific website.

4. Test from another computer on a different network if possible (ensure that computer's IP is authorized too).

5. Test with an alternate proxy port: ports 80, 3128, and 8800 are supported.

If the steps fail to resolve the issue, please submit a ticket noting:
1. The proxy IP and port
2. Which websites you experience issues on (and whether other websites work fine)
3. Whether the error occurs 100% of the time or only occasionally
4. A screenshot of the error you see.
Many different issues can cause a proxy to fail to work, so these details are critical for us to help identify any problems you experience.

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