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Experience the freedom of the open internet with our high-performance US proxy servers. Our dedicated proxies shield your online activity with robust anonymity so you can browse securely and privately.

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High Performance & Speed

Experience buffer-free entertainment and lightning-fast speed with our optimized US servers.

Multiple Cities and Subnets

Enjoy faster loading times and smoother browsing with our servers strategically distributed across the US.

Highly Compatible

Enjoy unrestricted browsing on your favorite device with our versatile US proxy solution.

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99. 9 %

Unrestricted Bandwidth

Say goodbye to data limitations! Our unlimited bandwidth and high-performance USA servers keep you productive.

Elite Anonymity

Enjoy the highest level of IP anonymity. Browse privately and securely.

Non-sequential IP Addresses

Access the web with ease. Our non-sequential IPs distribute traffic efficiently and minimizes CAPTCHAs for a frustration-free browsing.

Advanced Control Panel

Our control panel provides a suite of tools for managing proxies and testing browser privacy.

Stay up-to-date on local news and access your favorite shows from abroad with our proxies in the US.

Enjoy unrestricted internet access on any device with our private US proxies.

Overcome throttling and enjoy blazing-fast downloads with our dedicated US proxies.

What are US Proxies ?

USA proxy servers act as intermediaries between your device and the internet. They route your web traffic through a server located in the United States which gives you a US IP address.


This can be helpful for accessing content and websites that are only available in the US. Additionally, some users choose USA proxies to improve their online privacy and security when surfing the web.

Dedicated USA Proxies for Private and Anonymous Browsing

Work smarter and browse safer with our dedicated US proxies. Enhance your online productivity and maintain privacy with our private proxies in the USA.

Here’s how our proxies can benefit you:

Improved security

Browse confidently on any network with the added anonymity and security of our US proxy servers.

Faster loading speed

Reduce lag, improve ping, and dominate the web with our ultra-low latency US servers.


Access region-exclusive shows and websites from anywhere in the world with our strategically distributed US servers. Explore the internet like a local, no matter where you travel.


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What users say about our Proxies

I actually just purchased 10 private proxies specifically for Facebook and they're working okay right now. I also contacted their support requesting for proxies from different locations and they got back to me right away. It's top notch, proxies are okay so far and prices are cheap.
InstantProxies - Review
Forum User
Received my proxies. They are really fast and working with Google just fine. The prices are really good so I will probably change my current proxy provider to them if their proxies will work good with GSA SER during my testing time.
InstantProxies - Review
Forum User
We liked the straightforward pricing plans offered by InstantProxies... For a price of $1 per proxy, this is the best deal we have found so far! It’s really cheap!
InstantProxies - Review
I am using them with GSA and no problems so far. The proxies are quick and reliable.
InstantProxies - Review
Forum User
InstantProxies is currently known in the proxy market as one of the cheapest private proxy providers. Although InstantProxies is a datacenter proxy provider, they are suitable for several use cases. It is excellent for scraping, especially Amazon sites, and also fantastic for social media management.
InstantProxies - Review
Trevor Cooke
To test the creditability of its claims, I tried testing some of the major websites when connected to the Proxy. Fortunately, I had a 100% success-rate. In other words, all of the websites listed below were accessible at first try, without requiring a change in the proxies... I also actually streamed Netflix just to see if streaming was possible regardless of the speed-loss. It totally is. I hereby declare (Ah, me the judge) Instant Proxy is fast-enough to stream content online.
InstantProxies - Review
Jyoti C.

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