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Why Private Proxies?

Is the Internet another virtual world where life exists in another dimension? Sadly, that is not the case. Does it offer a multitude of benefits? Yes, but there is a plethora of cautionary tales. What you do online can indeed affect you in real time.


Think of invasion of privacy, personal assault, fraud and more. We could be unsuspecting victims, defenseless against all sorts of personal intrusion. All of these may compromise our rights and interests. We’re not just talking about cyber scum like hackers and fraudsters violating our privacy with impunity. Even governments and internet service providers can breach our security.  These entities can get vital information about who we are and what we do online.


However, you can protect your privacy through a proxy server.


how private proxies work



A proxy server, in general, is more like a bridge rather than a wall. It protects you from the rest of the cyberworld. This bridge can be used to control traffic. Your requests go to the appropriate server and the requested information is delivered to you. More importantly, this is done without giving away your IP address. It can be linked to personal information and activities you do online.


A private proxy takes this task up a notch and executes this exclusively for you. It means one proxy server per user. Web requests and data exchanges run through one dedicated server for you. This approach effectively conceals your original IP address. It makes your connection safe from those who steal hard-earned money from you. Our private proxies can help you protect  your login credentials, credit card and social security numbers.

Top Reasons Why You Should Use Private Proxies

Private proxies offer better Internet quality, speed and reliability.

Private proxy servers can help improve video chat quality and live streaming experiences on Netflix or Youtube. This is achieved by creating a dedicated connection between the user and the video platform. By filtering out unnecessary traffic, the proxy can prioritize video data transmission, leading to smoother playback and faster loading times.


Here’s how it can influence perceived internet speed:

  1. Proxy servers can cache frequently accessed data, such as web pages or files. When a user requests a cached resource, the proxy can deliver it directly, bypassing the need to retrieve it from the original server. This can be beneficial for repetitive tasks or frequently visited websites.
  2. In some scenarios, private proxies can decrease the number of overall internet requests a user generates. This can happen if the proxy aggregates requests from multiple users for the same resource and delivers a single response to all. 
  3. Some private proxies offer ad-blocking features. By eliminating ads from websites, these proxies can reduce page load times.

Private proxies generally do not directly prevent server crashes caused by high traffic volumes. However, by managing and filtering incoming traffic, they can help distribute the load across multiple servers within a content delivery network (CDN). This can contribute to a more stable user experience by mitigating the impact of traffic spikes on individual servers.

Private proxies preserve anonymity and shield you from privacy intruders.

With private proxies, you can do all your online activities with utmost secrecy. You will be leaving no or negligible trails that will allow anyone to identify you. All your actions can hardly be monitored by your competitors or other interested people.


All your financial transactions will be sent and received in encrypted form. The server encrypts all your requests, including financial receipts and transfers. This will prevent any privacy intruders from reading confidential details meant for your eyes only and for those you trust.


A private proxy conceals your IP address and protects it from infringement and intrusion by others, thereby preventing it from being hacked. Hence, your personal data are adequately protected.


Your IP address can be changed for your security and protection. All you need to do is to send a request to the provider to change not only your IP address but also other details you can be identified with. Thus, your identity is concealed even from the destination server.

Private proxies can be a valuable tool for managing multiple accounts and browse with enhanced privacy.

Private proxies can help businesses manage multiple accounts with privacy. For example, an agency might use a private proxy to manage separate social media accounts for different brands. However, it’s crucial to adhere to the terms of service of each platform. Creating multiple accounts to circumvent restrictions or engage in disruptive behavior can lead to permanent bans.

Private proxies can also change your perceived location. It can help you access geo-exclusive content. This can be helpful for travelers accessing streaming services from their home country while abroad, or for businesses conducting market research in different regions. 

It can also help improve gaming and online shopping experiences by overcoming regional restrictions, improving connection stability, and reducing lag.

Private proxies are more secured from harmful websites or online activities.

Private proxies are less likely to be targeted by malware, phishing link, or other cyber threats. More likely targets are free and open proxies often populated with hackers and scammers. In the unlikely chance that a malware is able to enter the system, the proxy may serve as a protective shield which neutralizes the damages.

Private proxies are offered with better customer support service.

Because these are most likely paid services, private proxy providers offer better customer support for their dedicated proxy users. Somebody is available 24 hours by 7 days to answer your questions or assist you if you have any concerns.

Move forward into your daily grind with the know-how and enough assurance that your identity, files and other personal data are well protected. This way, you can sleep well even with your laptops and smartphones on.


Choose the more reputable private proxies. Consult forums. Search for clients’ feedback. Ask around. Seek advice from friends and associates. This is the only way that you can avoid fly by night, nefarious and notoriously undesirable private proxies.

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