Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks since it’s inception in 2010. It is owned by its parent company Facebook.

It has gained one billion active users in only 10 years and over 500 million people are on the platform on a daily basis. It is definitely a must-have marketing tool for any business.

The big question, how will you maximize your results with this free photo-and video-sharing app? It’s simple, manage multiple Instagram accounts using automation tools and Instagram proxies.

Leverage These Instagram Features


Instagram gave greater emphasis on making money through product placement. Your business can make a good impression with live posts and stories. It is an effective method to engage with customers, attract sales, and showcase products in unique ways. 

Here are Instagram features that marketers like you can use to meet the brands’ demands and needs for maximum social media exposure:

Videos posts are beating photos in terms of growth in engagements recently. Up to 60 seconds in length, videos capture users’ attention longer. It gives marketers more chances to influence consumers or inform their decisions.

Live videos are another approach to make brands more authentic and their message more realistic.

Stories are clips of video to make a story which users can view for 24 hours before it disappears. If you are familiar with Snapchat and have used it in your marketing campaigns, Instagram Stories offer similar benefits. You may hold contests and special promos using content from users.

Push Notifications allow users to get alert messages through their mobile devices for every post shared. Recent data shows that users who choose to receive notifications are three times more engaged.

IGTV or Instagram TV lets users share videos (similar to a TV episode) that are up to an hour long using an app available on Instagram.

Geo-tagged Content allows you (as the social media manager) to either tag your post around your client’s business location or remove the tag.

Why Social Media Marketing via Instagram is Critical


You know this too well: majority of top brands are present on Instagram. About 25 million profiles on Instagram are owned by businesses. About 33% of online marketers put their money and efforts on Instagram advertising. This indicates the influence of Instagram as a social platform as well as its good reputation both among consumers and businesses.

Why Social Media Marketers are Buying Instagram Proxies

Challenges of Handling Multiple Accounts

As a social media marketing manager, handling multiple Instagram accounts can be quite tricky. By using proxies for Instagram, you have the ability to simplify your marketing campaigns.

  • One Brand, Multiple IG Accounts

Major brands are known to use multiple accounts to have profiles for different locations. It helps them expand their reach, and gain more useful data from different marketing opportunities.

  • One Marketer, Multiple Brands

Managing one account for a brand is not simple. Can you imagine what it takes to oversee multiple brands with multiple accounts?

  • One or More Automation Tools, Multiple Strategies 

You need Instagram automation tools as marketing becomes more complex due to the numerous accounts and brands. A plethora of IG bots are available for efficient management of multiple transactions: scheduling posts, liking, following and unfollowing, and leaving comments.

So, What are Instagram Proxies?


Proxies function as bridges through which information travels from computer user to Instagram server. You can use Instagram proxies to run ang manage your multiple accounts – safely and securely.

Basic types of proxies:

  • Public proxies are all over the Internet, and they are quite popular to users. Why? Because they are usually free. These proxies replace your IP address. Unfortunately, by design, they cannot conceal your proxy status. In some cases, Instagram may be able to detect these proxies and block you. Don’t expect the best connection because there are millions out there who are possibly in the same server as you are. That is, if there is any server available for you. 

  • Shared proxies are better than public proxies, and they are paid services. As the name implies, a specific number of users have to share these proxies. Usually, they are not guaranteed to work but they can be used with multiple cities and have multiple subnets.

  • Private proxies are the best choice if you want the best results. Paid private proxies are proven to be cost-effective. These are highly anonymous proxies that can hide both your IP and proxy status.

In choosing the right Instagram proxies, you need to consider a number of factors. Pick one that leverages Instagram features, and run your interactions efficiently and safely. Remember, managing Instagram accounts involves execution of sensitive information and activities online. You want to be the sole person to use the proxies exclusively. You don’t want proxies that share services with other customers and are exposed publicly.

The best Instagram proxies offer:

  • Premium new private proxies
  • Multiple non-sequential IP addresses
  • Supports automation tools
  • Regular proxy rotation
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Worldwide locations
  • Guaranteed access to your IPs 24/7
  • Other perks: instant setup, no advertisements, and round-the-clock customer support

Social media networks are some of the most restrictive websites. Not all regular private proxies can unblock these networks. For Instagram, you must have instant proxies that seamlessly automate several accounts.

Here’s the secret: test before you buy Instagram proxies, check the network uptime and verify customer support response time. Choose a provider of affordable, top quality Instagram proxies that deliver results and does not limit your success online.

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